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over the years your sash windows will have suffered from the onset of rot, or may have been affected by swelling or distortion of the wood due to poor maintenance. this can also lead to rattling windows caused by the shrinking of untreated and unprotected windows meaning that the sashes no longer fit the sash box properly.

areas that are mainly effected by rot on your sash windows are the sill, bottom rail of the upper and lower sash and the stile.

our process is to either replace or mend any rotten areas of your window that are affected by rot.

we use and a cut out and repair method using Repair Care. this is an epoxy resin that is longer lasting than most conventional fillers.

we will inform you whether your windows need repairing as this is a more cost effective than a full replacement.

we do offer sill and Stile replacement in a range of durable hardwoods.

below is a breakdown of a sash window to help you better understand how they work.

if you have any of these symptoms with your windows then contact us.

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