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We offer draught proofing systems for wooden doors, casement window and sash windows


If your sash windows are draughty, rattle or have gaps, a draught reduction service will achieve the following benefits:

ensure your windows open and close smoothly

increase your personal comfort

reduce noise levels from outside

improve the security of your windows

reduce your fuel bill


Our full draft proofing system includes:

A full sash cord service

replacement parting beading with weather pile

rebalancing of the sash weight​s

replacement staff beading with weather pile

Routeing a brush strip in to the meeting rail to complete the draught proofing system.


Our Process​​

Careful dismantling of the sash window

Weighing the sashes and checking the weights correctly counterbalance

Routing in brush strips to the meeting rails

Checking, cleaning and lubricating the pulleys

Re-cording the window with new cotton sash cord and correct weights

Renewing parting and staff beads with weather pile carriers and brush strips

Removing excess paint obstructing sash running surfaces

Re-fitting the rebalanced sashes in alignment with the beadings

Painting all exposed timber with white primer

Checking the draught-proofed window operates correctly

replacement of the Cord Plug holds the sash cord knot in place inside the sash box


Our draught-proofing systems starts from £249.99


We also offer a painting service from £299.99 per window internal & external.

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