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different levels of painting service

we offer several options when painting traditional windows or doors


entry level service for sash windows or doors

this ensures that your windows are fully repaired and decorated to a high standard on site with the dulux weathershield paint system.

this service is suitable for windows that only require a good lick of paint rather than a full restoration

a full sand minor filling and putty repair

finished with hand-painting of such sash windows with an oil-based flexible system


premier decoration service for sash windows or doors

this is a very robust process. it leaves previously neglected windows in a state of complete renewal. this can be tailored to suit your personal requirements

we define our sash window restoration process as follows:

“the process in which a sash window is restored to its original condition by focusing on both the mechanical and aesthetic aspects of the window"

this is achievedthrough a combination of modern and traditional repair methods,

the full stripping of original sashes and hand-painting of such sashes with an oil-based flexible system.

completion of the process is achieved with the reinstatement of the sashes into a fully renovated, repaired and repainted frame.

in short, our sash window restoration process includes the following:​

repair of sash windows.

glass replacement if required.

re-pointing of sash windows.

removal of old paint from sashes and hand-painting with a flexible oil-based paint.

hand-painting of frames with a flexible oil-based paint.

restore smooth movement of sashes within the window frames.

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