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replacement sash window cord service

ARE your sash window cords looking tatty? or ARE they broken? do your  windowS no longer go and up down SMOOTHLY?

then we can help by re-cording your  sash windows.

we offer sash cord replacements for lower sashEs and top sashEs.

your windows may also need to be balanced, if extra weights are required these will be charged at a extra £4 PER LB

there are a few types of sash cord to choose from:

Waxed Cotton Sash Cord

Traditional cord, Polyester core for additional strength, High wax coated finish

We recommend that you have  all 4 sash cords replaced

at the same time for peace of mind .

Please note that removal of the staff and parting beading is necessary to this process

this may result in the chipping of paint work or broken staff/parting beAding.

Prices for lower sash cord replacement £79,99

price for top and lower sash cord replacement £129.99

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